Stan and Pam Burwell January 2011.jpg


Stan & Pam Burwell

Stan & Pam were absolutely invaluable volunteers on our auction committee this year! They procured the most items for the event and volunteered as hosts for two tables. They were a huge part of our event's success!

Mark and Meridee Heimlich March 2011.jpg


Mark & Meridee Heimlich

In March, Barry, Mark, Meridee, and some local teens helped move 4 of our client families in only 3 days! The group helped the families move out of and clean their old apartments and then helped them move into their new apartments!

Abbey Carpet March 2011.jpg

Barry Lindgren & Abbey Carpet

Barry Lindgren’s Abbey Carpet Truck was used to transport items. He has used his truck on many occasions to help us move our clients.

Lighthouse Christian Center.jpg


Lighthouse Christian Center

Lighthouse held a yard sale and donated all of their proceeds to support Step by Step programs. They generously donated over $4,600 which will help provide services to over 460 moms and babies!

We cannot express how thankful we are for Lighthouse's continuing partnership with our organization. They have volunteered their time, talents and treasures to help support our mission again and again. Thank you to every one at Lighthouse who has given of their time, talents, and treasures to make a difference in the lives of the women and families we serve!

Hannah Rogers November 2011.png


Hannah Rogers

Thanks to Hannah’s wonderful organizational skills and passion to serve, the 2011 North Christmas party was the largest and best ever!

Kristen Jacka February 2011.jpg


Kristen Jacka

Kristen volunteers every week in our office, and she serves as one of our community meeting mentors. Kristen is also currently mentoring a client to help her pass her GED test! Our office staff says she is "an absolute gem!"

Northshore Kiwanis April 2011.jpg


Northshore Kiwanis

Northshore Kiwanis teamed up with members from their local high school Key Club to hold a diaper drive for Step by Step. They collected $2,500 worth of baby supplies from the drive. They also fundraised $585.00 from Safeway customers. Thank you Sue Busky for orchestrating the drive!

Bethany Bible Women's Group

The Bethany Bible women's group also held a diaper drive, collecting over 2,000 diapers as well as baby wipes and formula. Many of these items have already been a huge blessing to our clients.

City Gate Youth June 2011.jpg


City Gate Youth

City Gate Youth teamed up to help serve the meal and provide child activities during our recent life skills classes. They were also a huge help in running this year's Family BBQ & free yard sale for our clients. They were instrumental in making this event run smoothly. They helped make this day extra special for our clients.

Dan Shin and Jim Choi August 2011.png


Dan Shin (left)

Anderson Law Firm
Real Estate Attorney

Jim Choi (right)

ReMax Commercial
Merger & Acquisitions

Dan & Jim worked pro-bono to help us in exploring and negotiating the possibility of being able to expand our services by relocating at a new location.

Margaret Toop and Drama Club October 2011.png


Margaret Toop & Drama Troop

Margaret & Jim Toop, Sammie (a client), Tina Bustamante, Bob & Flo King, Dan Clabots, Kimber Toop, Vicki Carlson and Gail Danforth performed a drama – “Building Home Sweet Home,” at our October Fall Celebration. The skit, although humorous, depicted a very real look at some of the everyday challenges facing our clients.

The play emphasized and illustrated the impact Step By Step can have on the lives of women and their families as we serve to help them deliver a healthy baby, start building a safe home and learn positive parenting and life skills.

Althea Sanders December 2011.png


Janis Hanson & Althea and Michael Sanders

Janis, Althea, and Michael were key leaders in orchestrating our South Christmas Celebrations. It is volunteers like these that make these events possible for our clients each year.

GNO Group December 2012.png

GNO Group & Just Cuz

The GNO group, along with members from the local Just Cuz band, helped make the Jell-O parfaits for our Christmas dinner this year. This is GNO’s 5th year helping out!