Food & Clothing:



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You want what's best for you and your baby. Your nutrition affects your baby's health and growth both during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. Start with the basics in pregnancy nutrition. Understanding what foods to eat and what foods to avoid during your pregnancy can help you make healthy choices for you and your baby.

The Bump - From the ins and outs of prenatal vitamins and safe weight gain to exercising without overdoing it and making smart food choices, get the info you need to feel your best during your pregnancy.


Many community organizations offer resources for food. This page lists several resources within the counties we serve. You can also contact your case manager. She may have grocery vouchers or food bags available or can direct you to another community resource near you.

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Food Lifeline features a comprehensive website that lists organizations throughout the Northwest that offer food banks or have food distribution centers. You can search by city and county.


Use the Resource Finder on the website of Parent Help 123 to find a food bank in your area.

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One of our local sponsors is the Puyallup Food Bank. They were incorporated with FISH (Friends in Service to Him), a worldwide organization of people united to help others in need. For over 40 years the Puyallup Food Bank has grown with donations of food and money, also the number of caring volunteers helping to meet the needs in our community. To request food, call (253) 848-5240 for an appointment. They serve the following zip codes: 98352, 98371, 98372, 98373, 98374, 98375, or 98360


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Step By Step receives hundreds of donations each year, including baby and maternity clothes. We store these donations in several areas across Pierce and King counties. Contact your case manager for information, if you are in need of supplies. If you are not connected with our program and don’t have a case manager, call our office for more information or a referral: (253) 896-0903

Here are a few other local resources that also offer clothing:

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St. Francis House in Puyallup offers a number of services including a clothing bank.

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Care Net also offers resources for baby and maternity clothes.