Pregnancy & Parenting


Step By Step offers a variety of Life Skills and Parenting classes to our clients. Contact your case manager about finding a mentor and/or signing up for a class. Here are some additional resources for parents and families:

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Love and Logic Institute- This parenting philosophy empowers parents to give their children choices and let them experience the consequences of those choices, ultimately teaching children to take responsibility for their own actions. On their website you can read articles and learn more on how to raise your kids with Love and Logic.

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The Family Help Line is a toll-free phone line for parents and caregivers in Washington State. Family Help Line parenting coaches are available Monday - Friday, from 9am to 5pm. Press "2" to speak with a parenting coach or to leave a message. Our statewide resource database is available 24/7.

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Zero to Three offers practical information to parents seeking to make good choices. Find online resources on sleep, play, brain development and much more on their website.

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Wonder Moms is a project by three moms to share real talk, helpful information, and practical advice with parents of kids who have intellectual disabilities, Down syndrome, autism, language and speech delays, deafness, chronic illness, and traumatic brain injury.


Research shows that no better food than breast milk exists for your baby’s first year of life.  Although breastfeeding isn't the only feeding option, it does provide many benefits to both you and your baby. Ask your case manager about breastfeeding, and check out these helpful websites:


Learn the basics of breastfeeding and get answers to frequently asked questions. Ameda also has a Mom’s Community where you can sign up to swap stories, share tips, and receive support from their community of “BFF’s” – Breastfeeding Friends.

baby center logo.png will walk you through tips and tricks as your baby grows, so that you can breastfeed effectively, including lists of things to eat that will help you and your baby’s nutrition!

the bump.png has lots of great answers to questions submitted by real moms about breastfeeding.


U.S. Department of Health & Human Services on Women’s Health - Breastfeeding. This site will help you understand the benefits of breastfeeding. It also has great information for what to do if you feel uncomfortable breastfeeding in public, or what to do when you have to go back to work.